Microguru Corporation
Microguru Corporation

Microguru Corporation is a developer of business software based in Carlsbad, California, USA. We have been developing quality business productivity software since 1995.

Microguru Corporation released Basic Inventory Control Desktop in 1999. We have refined and enhanced Basic Inventory Control for over a decade. The result: you get an inventory software that is stable, widely used all over the world, and meets your inventory tracking needs without complicated setup or installation.

Building upon the success of Basic Inventory Control Desktop, we released an online version of Basic Inventory Control in 2010. With Basic Inventory Control Online, your inventory data is securely stored on BIC Online Servers. Your inventory information is Internet accessible safely from anywhere.

Microguru Corporation released Customer Database Pro in 2001. Like Basic Inventory Control, Customer Database Pro has been refined, enhanced, and used worldwide for over a decade. By employing CDB, you benefit from a stable customer-tracking software that effortlessly caters to your common customer care needs.

In 2012, we released General Ledger Online, a web-based implementation of the classic General Ledger. A general ledger is a set of accounts used by a business to keep track of all its financial transactions. Your accounting data is securely stored on GL Online Servers. Your accounting information is Internet accessible safely from anywhere.

We thank our customers for their patronage over the years and invite prospective customers to try any and all of our products.

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