Microguru Corporation

Locating your lost software key

When you purchased the software, a software registration code was emailed to you at the email address provided at the time of purchase. Search your saved emails for the registration code or contact the person who purchased the software on your behalf. If you are unable to find the registration code, email us all of the following information.

  1. Your email address at the time of purchase. This is the email address you provided when you purchased the software
  2. Name of the person or company in whose name the software is licensed. This information is available by choosing Help | About menu in the software
  3. Name of the software licensed

We maintain a record of every software license purchase. Without the above information, we are unable to positively verify your purchase of the software license and are unable to send you a replacement registration code. You may purchase a new license for the software at this site.

Re-installing the software

  1. You may download the software installation from this site
  2. Once you install the software, you may enter the registration code using Help, Enter Registration Code... menu of the software to turn your trial installation to a licensed installation
  3. See the tutorials section on how to move data from your old machine to a new machine