Microguru Corporation



How are source lines counted?
The source lines that are included in the count are the lines that contain executable statements, declarations, and/or compiler directives. Comments, and blank lines are excluded from the count. Top
In what format is the output saved?
HTML, XML, and CSV (comma delimited values). Top
Can I process files with other extensions?
Yes, you may add, edit and/or delete the file extensions to scan. See "File Extensions to Scan" listview on the main window of SLOC. Top
Does the software validate language syntax?
The source files being scanned are assumed to contain valid, compilable source. Top
Can I install the software on a shared network drive?
The software must be installed on a local drive of a computer. However, the data used by the software can be created and accessed from a shared network drive. Top
I purchased a previous version of the software. Is there a charge for the upgrading to the latest version?
There is no charge for upgrading from a previous "revision" of the software to the latest revision within the same major release version. For example, you may download and upgrade your software from version 3 rev. 6 to version 3 rev. 9 free of charge. New "major" release versions are at additional cost. Top
Are printed manuals shipped with the software?
All documentation is installed when you install the software. No manuals are shipped with the CD. Top
What is the limitation of evaluation version of SLOC Metrics?
Up to 50 source files can be scanned at a time. There is NO limit on the number of files scanned by the licensed version of SLOC. Top
What is the Registration Code?
When you purchase the software, a unique Registration Code is emailed to you. You can use this code to convert your evaluation version of the software to the licensed version. You do not need to re-install the software and all your existing settings and data remain intact. Top
How long does it take to receive the registration code after the purchase?
Within 24-48 hours upon receipt of the payment barring any Internet or system outages. Top
How do I remove or un-install the software?
  1. Choose Control Panel from Windows Start menu
  2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs
  3. Locate and select the entry for the software
  4. Press the Remove button