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SLOC Metrics is a Window Application that measures the size of your source code
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SLOC Metrics measures the size of your source code based on the Physical Source Lines of Code metric recommended by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU/SEI-92-TR-019). Specifically, the source lines that are included in the count are the lines that contain executable statements, declarations, and/or compiler directives. Comments, and blank lines are excluded from the count. When a line or statement contains more than one type, it is classified as the type with the highest precedence. The order of precedence for the types is: executable, declaration, compiler directive, comment and lastly, white space. Major highlights of SLOC are as follows.

  • Fast and efficient processing of source files
  • Process any size of file
  • Process any number of files (only limited by your system resources)
  • Flexible support for C/C++, C#, Java, HTML, Perl, Visual Basic and more. Ability to add definitions for other file types
  • Formatted and hyperlinked results in HTML file format. Project folders and files are sorted by their Source Lines of Code so that you can easily identify code intensive modules and files
  • Shows differences in counts of source lines of codes between two measurements by SLOCMetrics as DIFF.html in the output folder (new in v3)
  • Formatted results in CSV (Comma Delimited) file format
  • Prepares results as a well-formed XML document (new in v3)
  • Multiple SLOC Configurations can be saved as files and reused (new in v3)
  • Can be run as a Console application using sloccmd.exe present in the SLOCMetrics 3.0 installation directory.
  • Configuration file path can be passed as a parameter to sloccmd.exe (new in v3)
  • An easy to use, Windows-based graphical user interface (enhanced in v3)
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