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General Ledger Online is a Web-based implementation of the classic General Ledger
General Journal

A general ledger is a set of accounts used by a business to keep track of all the financial transactions the company makes. All financial transactions are recorded in the general ledger, whether or not they are posted to a subsidiary ledger, such as an accounts receivable, accounts payable, or cash subledger. The amounts posted to the general ledger (General Journal) provide the necessary information needed to generate all of a company's financial statements.

Why General Ledger Online?

  • Based on standards - if you know double-entry bookkeeping, you already know how to use GL Online
  • Web-based - Internet accessible from anywhere
  • Multi-user access - supports multiple users with customizable permissions for each user
  • Share your books - conveniently share your books online with your accountant or tax preparer
  • Automatic backups - your data is securely stored on GL Online Servers
  • Solid infrastructure - secure, reliable, highly available, and scalable hosting infrastructure
  • Affordable - no setup fees, no long term contract, cancel anytime
  • Special Promotion: only $5 for the first month. Signup now
guidePlease see tutorials and overview videos to learn more.

How do I get started?

  1. Signup for GL Online
  2. If you would like to brush up on double-entry bookkeeping, please visit the Tutorials section