Microguru Corporation

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Install CDB on the local drive of one of the PCs. Install CDB on your local machine (not on the network drive). The Windows logged in user must have enough rights to install software on their local machine. If not, please consult your network administrator or IT department.
  2. Make sure your PC has access to your network. Create a new, empty folder (say, CDBData) on the disk drive of one of the PCs/Servers on the network that is visible to all prospective CDB users. IMPORTANT: Please make sure all CDB users have READ and WRITE permissions to this folder.
  3. Create a new CDB database in the shared folder you created above by choosing File | New Database...menu in CDB.
  4. Note the location of the database shown in the status bar (bottom, left) of the Main Window of CDB.
  5. Install CDB on the LOCAL drives of all of the other network PCs that need to access the inventory database.
  6. From each PC, open the database in the shared folder (step 4 above) by choosing the File | Open Database... menu in CDB.

With this setup, multiple users can access inventory data from the shared network drive from their PCs using their login credentials. To create user logins in CDB, choose Database Admin | User Management... menu. The initial login and password for a new CDB multiuser database is admin