Microguru Corporation
Version Date Description
6.0 2003 - 2013
  • Revision 126 (4/28/2014)
  • Fixed formatting of "to" address when sending email
  • Revision 125 (9/8/2013)
  • Fixed sorting of date initiated and date terminated on the Product/Services tab of Customer view
  • Revision 124 (8/24/2013)
  • Added support for 3-user license
  • Revision 123 (6/30/2013)
  • Use customized label for first name and last name for customer print preview
  • Revision 122 (5/15/2013)
  • Added support for printing to WIFI-connected printers
  • Revision 121 (1/16/2013)
  • Added FAQs to Help menu
  • Revision 120 (10/30/2011)
  • Allow lookup of customer by any phone number (work, home, fax, mobile) field
  • Revision 119 (8/7/2011)
  • Allow user to delete all unused items that are displayed in pick list (View | List Management)
  • Revision 118 (11/17/2010)
  • Added File | Display Data Folder menu to navigate to CDB Data Folder
  • Revision 117 (6/11/2010)
  • Added Product/Service Report (View | Reports and press New [Product/Service] report button)
  • Revision 116 (1/20/2010)
  • Warn user if Customer(s) with identical 'Customer Number' already exists when adding or editing a customer record
  • Use ShellExecute to launch CDB Help file instead of WinHelp.exe
  • Revision 115 (8/20/2009)
  • Added capability to lookup a customer by Address (Address 1, Address 2, City or Zip)
  • Revision 114 (8/3/2009)
  • Do not use a data directory under Program Files for a new database.
  • Revision 113 (3/16/2009)
  • The CDB data directory can now be specified as command-line argument to the CDB application
  • Revision 112 (11/17/2008)
  • Do not allow user to search customers by empty string, if 'Edit Report' permission is not present
  • Revision 111 (5/19/2007)
  • Added printing support for notes entered for Issue Actions
  • Added support for Windows Vista
  • Revision 110 (2/13/2007)
  • Included VB6 SP6 runtime in the installation
  • Use new Folder selection dialog box
  • Revision 109 (4/20/2006)
  • Added capability to export large number of items to MS Excel CSV File
  • Revision 108 (2/21/2005)
  • Added Database Maintenance... menu under Help to reindex data files
  • Revision 107 (1/5/2005)
  • Corrected display of selected issue after adhoc sorting of Submit Date column on MyIssues View and on the Issues tab of Customer dialog box
  • Revision 106 (11/1/2004)
  • Fixed adhoc sorting of Submit Date column on My Issues View
  • Revision 105 (10/2/2004)
  • Fixed adhoc sorting of Date and Numeric columns on report display
  • Display full customer information on Issues Report
  • Revision 104 (4/19/2004)
  • Fixed report display when row number is hidden (last column data was not being displayed)
  • Revision 103 (11/15/2003)
  • Added FIND button on the report window
  • Revision 102 (11/1/2003)
  • Allow user to customize all fields on the Product/Service window
  • Added Miss. to drop-down on the Customer window
  • Revision 101 (10/10/2003)
  • Redesigned user interface and searching
  • Added single-user version
  • Renamed software title
5.0 2003 Allow user to display Product/Service column on the Customer report
4.0 2003 Allow user to customize all field names on the Customer window
Allow user to customize Category field name on the Issue window
Allow user to setup issue templates and create new issues based on one of the templates
Allow user to setup Quick Entry List for Custom fields on the Customer, Product/Service and Issue windows.
Use DatePicker control for Calendar instead of MS Calendar (conflicts with MS Office XP)
Updated help file
Added explicit support for Microsoft Outlook (see View, Options menu in BCC).
Allow user to choose display format for Customer Name on the reports (See View, Database Admin, Customizations... menu).
Increased issue limit to 100 in evaluation version
Allow printing of Issue List from the Customer Window
Allow printing of Products/Services List from the Customer Window
Allow customization of 'Contract or Part Number' label/field on the Product/Service window
3.0 2002 Enhanced Help Center for better presentation of online help and support
Added tip of the day
Maximize main window when the application displays for the first time
Added Actions tab to the Issue window. Allow user to add/delete/edit/view each action related to an issue
Corrected an error condition with the Auto Refresh feature of My Issues window
2.0 2002 Initial Public Release
Increase the issue limit to 50 for the trial version
Fixed a minor issue with deletion of lookup list items
Allowed user to modify list of states, countries and customer categories from the Customer window
Allowed user to modify list of product/services, contract types, and contract durations from the Product/Service window
Allowed user to modify list of product/services, issue statuses, issue priorities and issue categories from the Issue window