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Setup and Pricing

Is Basic Inventory Control Online secure and reliable?
BIC Online uses industry-standard SSL to encrypt data communication between your Web Browser and our Servers. This is the same technology used by banks and brokerage houses to secure communication. We use strong passwords and implement various other application-specific security measures. BIC Online is hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform that guarantees 99.95% up time. All your data is automatically backed up. For service status, please see Windows Azure Service Dashboard. Top
How much does Basic Inventory Control Online Cost?
Please see Signup page. Top
What do I need to use BIC Online?
  • A BIC Online account (Signup)
  • An Internet connection (high-speed recommended)
  • A Web Browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight (free, automatically installed when you access BIC Online for the first time)

Check now if your Web Browser supports Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft Windows, Mac, and many flavors of UNIX support Silverlight. Top

Do you provide a free trial subscription?
We provide a special promotional price of $5 for the first month (non-refundable) to allow you to evaluate Basic Inventory Control Online. You may cancel if BIC Online does not meet your needs. (Signup) Top
Can I upgrade or downgrade my account subscription later?
Yes. In BIC Online, choose My Account | Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription. Upgrade/Downgrade refers to a change in the number of products and/or BIC Online account users. Any previously paid charges are non-refundable. See Terms and Conditions for full details. Top
How do I access my BIC Online payment history?
We have partnered with Amazon Payments to carry out monthly billing for your BIC Online account. Access your BIC Online billing information at Amazon Payments site. Top
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you may cancel anytime. There is no minimum term commitment. Any previously paid charges are non-refundable. See Terms and Conditions for full details. To cancel, visit your subscription details at the Amazon Payments site. Top
If I decide cancel, can I download my product list before cancellation?
Yes. Before you cancel, in BIC Online, choose Product List | Export to download your product list with balances. After cancellation, the data is purged and is no longer available for download. Top


Can I use a barcode scanner with BIC Online?
Does BIC Online use LIFO or FIFO?
BIC Online does not use LIFO or FIFO but rather maintains a perpetual count of units in stock. BIC Online uses standard and average cost of units for inventory valuation.  Top
Can BIC Online maintain stock for multiple locations?
Each BIC Online account maintains stock for a single location. However, a user can subscribe to multiple BIC Online accounts, each account maintaining stock for a particular location.

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Can multiple users access a single account?
Yes. Each user has their own login credentials subject to the permissions granted to each user. To add or manage users, in BIC Online, choose Account | Manage Subscription Users.

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How many years of data can I store in my BIC Online account?
While your account is active, Microguru will store inventory transaction history for stock activity in your Microguru account, for a period of up to one year, in each case measured from the date of posting of such transactions. Even though older transactions are automatically purged, the product list and current inventory levels are maintained perpetually while the account is in good standing.  Top
Is BIC Online available in languages other than English?
The display text for most fields in BIC Online can be customized (translated). In BIC Online, choose Preferences | Customize Field Names to change display labels for fields.

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Can I upload my product list from a file?
Can I upload stock adjustments from a file?
Can I migrate data from BIC Desktop to BIC Online?