Microguru Corporation
Version Date Description
(latest version)
2014 - present
  • Revision 2 (12/29/2014)
    • Allow user to set the starting number for auto numbering products
  • Revision 1 (5/20/2014)
    • Allow import of inventory transactions from an MS Excel CSV file
    • New batch transaction dialog box that allows creation of inventory transactions for multiple products from one screen
    • Allow deletion of products even if there are transactions recorded for a product (transactions recorded for deleted product are automatically deleted)
    • Allow display of product attributes (such as custom fields) on inventory transaction reports
    • Added Quick Inventory report
    • Display currency symbol on reports
    • Streamlined menu options
    • Display location of database being used in the status bar
    • Updated help file and tutorial
5.0 2003 - 2014
  • Revision 135 (1/16/2013)
  • Indicate out of stock products (in blue) on product search results. Added FAQs to Help menu.
  • Revision 134 (1/27/2011)
  • Copy the report definitions table to the data directory and read it from there to avoid the Windows7 Program Files permission restrictions
  • Revision 133 (10/24/2010)
  • Allow quote (") in prdouct name specified in product import file
  • Revision 132 (9/29/2010)
  • Adjusted trial period calculation for non-US locales.
  • Revision 131 (7/23/2010)
  • When exporting full product inventory (File | Export Product Inventory menu in BIC), assign product number, if one is not already assigned.
  • Revision 129, 130 (7/20/2010)
  • Implemented functionality to export full product inventory (File | Export Product Inventory menu in BIC)
  • Revision 128 (3/21/2010)
  • Allow filtering of Inventory Reports by 'Location' field (Criteria tab on Inventory Report definition)
  • Revision 127 (8/3/2009)
  • Display customized field name of 'Part Number' field on the Transactions Report. Do not use a data directory under Program Files for new database.
  • Revision 126 (12/14/2008)
  • Use new special report delimiter characters (~ and ^) when creating default transaction and inventory reports
  • Revision 125 (6/5/2008)
  • Handle special report delimiter characters (~ and ^) when running product name or part searches and naming reports
  • Revision 124 (4/9/2008)
  • Improved control tab order on Add/Update Transaction Dialog Box
  • Revision 123 (11/15/2007)
  • Fixed minor column sorting problem when clicking on column header area beyond last column header
  • Revision 122 (5/19/2007)
  • Modified product lookup to search for any text contained in product name or number
  • Added support Windows Vista
  • Revision 121 (2/18/2007)
  • Included VB6 SP6 runtime in the installation
  • Use new Folder selection dialog box
  • Revision 120 (1/28/2007)
  • Use localized symbol for currency and thousand's separator in numeric amounts
  • Revision 119 (8/7/2006)
  • Enhanced "Import Products" to update existing product information (if product already exists) instead of adding all rows in import file as new products
  • Revision 118 (2/20/2006)
  • Added capability to export large number of items to MS Excel CSV File
  • Revision 116, 117 (11/1/2005)
  • Allow entry of URL in Custom3/Custom4 fields of Product Dialog box
  • Revision 115 (2/1/2005)
  • Verify that a transaction has been written with an immediate read
  • Revision 114 (1/24/2005)
  • Immediately flush a new transaction to the disk
  • Revision 113 (12/26/2004)
  • Fixed pbm during Product import where a Manufacturer or Vendor was getting added multiple times when a manufacturer and a vendor had the same name
  • Revision 112 (11/22/2004)
  • Added Database Maintenance (Help Menu)
  • Revision 111 (3/29/2004)
  • Allow printing of multiple rows from Inventory Report
  • Draw bolder grid lines (printing)
  • Revision 110 (1/14/2004)
  • Added additional error trapping when parsing report definitions (multi-language)
  • Revision 109 (11/3/2003)
  • Added option to check inventory level when shipping products (View, Prefrences...menu Transactions Tab).
  • Revision 108 (8/11/2003)
  • Added Auto-Assign Part Number (View, Preferences menu... Data Format Tab).
  • Revision 107 (8/6/2003)
  • Allow user to enter default date, note, category and account when scanning new transactions
  • Revision 106 (7/23/2003)
  • Fix Calendar to Support Windows 98 Chinese
  • Revision 105 (7/18/2003)
  • Support Windows 98 Chinese
  • Revision 104 (4/16/2003)
  • Properly display customized names of Category and Account on the Transaction Dialog box
  • Revision 103 (3/20/2003)
  • Corrected a problem where View/Report properties were not being saved for Inventory and Transaction window
  • Added View, Scan New Transaction... menu
  • Revision 102 (3/13/2003)
  • Do not dismiss the Product Dialog box when user presses ENTER key
  • Added View, Inventory... menu
  • Added View, Transactions... menu
  • Revision 101 (2/19/2003)
  • Added fully customizable views and reports (user selects columns, column order and display criteria)
  • Allowed user to record transactions for multiple products from the Inventory View
  • Allowed user to go to all transactions for a selected Product from the Inventory View
  • Allowed user to open multiple views/reports simultaneously
  • Allowed additional calculated columns on views/reports
  • Widened product desc and part number combo boxes on various screens
  • Fixed problem in Save As MS Comma-Delimited file when data contained quotes "
  • More informative message when creating a new BIC database
  • Updated help file and installation
4.0 2003 Allow tracking of inventory units by quantity (whole numbers) or by weight (up to 3 decimal places)
Made the Product selection combo box wider on the Inventory Transaction report and the New Transaction dialog box
Increased max transactions to 250 for eval version
Use DatePicker control for Calendar instead of MS Calendar (conflicts with MS Office XP)
Allow product selection by lookup of part number on the Inventory Transactions report (View, Reports menu)
Validate transaction date on the Transaction Dialog box
Don't show hidden products on any reports
Handle condition when a user tries to enter a transaction for a newly added hidden product from the Current Inventory window
Fixed an issue only apparent on Windows ME (Spanish Version) where all products hidden
Allow fast lookup of a product by name or part number to view product summary, to record a transaction or to edit product details.
Allow printing of Product Summary (Product Details and Inventory level)
Allow user to choose whether to display Product Name or Part Number first on windows and pick lists (View, Preferences menu; Data Format tab)
Sort views/pick lists by Product Name or Part Number based on settings in Preferences
Enhanced product lookup results dialog box to allow recording of transactions for multiple products.
Use std unit cost when recording beginning inventory (when a new product is being added)
Correctly show re-order products on Current Inventory Window
Use avg unit cost and avg unit price in calculating Physical Stock Cost and Physical Cost Retail
3.0 2002 Added enhanced reporting capability. Reports added: Out of Stock Products, Current Inventory and Inventory Transactions
Trigger out of stock alert if Available Units fall below Re-order level (zero or greater)
Added Part Number column (for better sorting) to the Inventory Transactions report
Added Tip of the Day
Added BIC Tutorial in online help
Allow user to enter custom heading for report printing and choose printed page orientation
Display remaining quantities on Out of Stock Products report
Allow user to filter Current Inventory and Out of Stock Products report by Product Group.
Added Transaction Cost/Price column to the Inventory Transactions report.
Calculate Total for the the Transaction Cost/Price column on the Inventory Transactions report.
Fixed a minor bug in the totaling logic on the Inventory Transactions report.
Corrected a situation with a System Short date format other than MM/DD/YY.
Added code to handle System Short date format of YY/MM/DD.
Allow user to display Tran Price/Cost in 0.0000 format on the Inventory Transaction Report.
Alert users when they try to add products with duplicate part numbers.
Display Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Re-Order Quantity, and Lead Time fields on the Current Inventory window.
Allow user to hide/show Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Re-Order Quantity, and Lead Time fields on the Current Inventory window (see View, Preferences menu).
Allow user to print a single row of data (instead of the entire view).
Remember last report title entered by the user.
Allow user to append Print Date/Time stamp to the report title.
Added more reports - Out of Stock Products (zero available units) and Re-Order Products (at or below re-order level)
Fixed a minor bug with display of Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4 labels on the Product Dialog box
2.0 2002 Added Product List Maintenance window for easier management of product records
Increased product name string size to 120
Increased part number string size to 80
Added Re-order quantity, Lead Time, Manufacturer, Vendor, Std. Unit Cost, Std. Unit Price, 4 custom fields and notes (product record)
Ability to rename custom fields (product record)
Ability to hide products from the Current Inventory window
Show cost of on order items, cost of physical units in stock, retail value of physical units in stock on the Current Inventory window
Added total row on the Current Inventory window
Ability to hide columns from the Current Inventory window
Allow shipment of more than allocated units
Allow receipt of more than on-order units
User can choose unit cost and amount display format (i.e. number of decimal places - See View, Preferences menu)
Added code to upgrade database from the previous version of BIC
Updated online help
Allowed user to modify Product group, location, manufacturer, and vendor list directly from the Product Dialog Box
Allowed user to modify Transaction Category list directly from the Transaction Dialog Box
Pre-set unit cost or unit price (if std. unit cost and/or std. unit price is entered by the user in Product record) when recording a new transaction
Show Product List Maintenance window in maximized state
Display correct custom name (if applicable) for Transaction Category on the Inventory Transaction window
Allow user to specify an Account for an inventory transaction
Renamed Inventory Transactions window to Transaction Report window
Improved Transaction Report window: Allow filter by Transaction Account; Total number of units for a given transaction type
1.2 2001 Added New Product Dialog box for more convenient addition of new products
Reduced margins for printed page to better fit data on a single page
Allowed user to resize columns. If user resizes column widths, remember and restore user preferred column widths (both Current Inventory and Inventory Transactions window)
Changed name of Product Category to Product Group to avoid confusion with Transaction Categories
Inventory Transaction Window - allow user to specify a data range to filter view by (Custom Date)
Added Product Location for products
Changed date display format to user's Short Date format (see control panel, regional settings)
Allowed user to change column headings in Current Inventory and Inventory Transaction Windows
Added full-featured Windows online help
Added menu choices to add new products and record new transactions more conveniently
For New Transactions, allowed lookup of a product by Part Number (either by keyboard or barcode scanner entry)
Corrected a minor issue with deletion of product locations
Added Allocate transaction type (units allocated to be shipped but not yet shipped)
When recording Ship transaction check for any Allocated units
Allow Products to be categorized
Allow Transactions to be categorized
Allow modification of Product and Transaction categories (List Management)
Allow sorting of columns in Current Inventory view
Allow sorting of columns in Inventory Transactions view
Allow filtering of Current Inventory view by Category
Allow filtering of Inventory Transactions view by Category
Allow saving of Current Inventory and Inventory Transactions views to MS Excel Comma Delimited file
Added Part Number for Products
Added Reorder Level for Products
Alerted user to products that fall below the Reorder Level on the Current Inventory view (Reorder level entered must be greater than zero for alert to be active)
Implemented Auto Refresh for Current Inventory screen
Display Physical, Allocated and Available units in stock on the Current Inventory view
Allow import of products into the database from MS Excel Comma Delimited file
Allowed multiple users to access the inventory database simultaneously (site license users only)
When Receiving units On Order allow user to Receive less than the Ordered number of units
When Shipping Allocated units allow user to Ship less than the Allocated number of units
Corrected a minor display issue with products that have quantities more than the re-order level
1.1 2001 Initial Release